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Life Through The
Earholes of Our Youth
Life Through the Earholes of Our Youth

Life Through the Earholes of Our Youth back cover

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David Lissy Photography

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Enjoy a collection of 25 of Ken Burger's best sports columns compiled in one beautiful volume with full color photographs by nationally acclaimed sports photographer David Lissy

Sports is about many things to many people. For some it is a quarterback dropping back in the pocket, scanning the field and hitting his wide receiver in the end zone for the game-winning touchdown.

But it's also a young man staring helplessly at a math book in a classroom far removed from the playing field and knowing his body is better trained than his mind.

Sports for some is the excitement created when men and women of extraordinary talents compete for enjoyment and praise, finding within themselves the ability to excel on command.

But it's also a young boy crying in the rain behind the bleachers because he's made a child's mistake and didn't live up to the expectations of a father trying to recapture the glories of his youth.

Sports is a point guard weaving his way through a maze of defenders, using finesse and agility to pull up and hit a jump shot at the buzzer to win the championship game.

But it's also a teenager who has learned to answer questions from the media by watching his heroes on television, but when the gym is quiet and the fans have gone home still struggles with the embarrassment of acne and the human questions of self worth.

Sports is the wonderful thrill of anticipation and hype that precedes an event that captures the imagination of a nation and reaches a fever pitch of emotions that is unequalled in the more mundane aspects of our lives.

But it's also the dull thud of disappointment that comes when the gods of our fantasies perform like mortals and suffer the bitter sting of sarcasm from those who previously praised them.

Sports is the sweet smell of freshly-mown grass on a golf course in the early morning, yet undisturbed by the hordes that will come to see men test their skills against the subtle slopes and man-made hazards.

It is also the pungent odors of sweat and blood and ointments and mud and tape and socks and steam and aftershave that clash in a post-game locker room, win or lose.

Sports is a source of pride that swells in our hearts when our children do well or our favorite team climbs to a pinnacle of success recognized by our peers.

But it's also the ugly animosity that too often rages between fans and brings people to blows when they take children's games too seriously.

Sports, as it should be, is a diversion from the realities of life and death and taxes and car payments and mortgages and doctor bills and office politics. It is a competitive cornerstone of our society that gives us joy and laughter and hope for the next season.

In this book, this collection of columns and photographs, may you find whatever it is you think sports means to you.-foreword from LIFE THROUGH THE EARHOLES OF OUR YOUTH

Ken Burger is the Executive sports editor of THE POST AND COURIERnewspaper in Charleston, SC. It is Ken's philosophy that there is more to sports than scores and statistics. He covers all of the major sporting events around the country and writes about the people involved and how sports reflect on us as a society and what it all means.

David Lissy is the president and owner of David Lissy Photography and Table Mesa Productions, LTD. A native of the Chicago area David is currently located in the foothills just outside of Denver somewhere near Golden, Colorado. David has received the Kodak Professional Photographers Showcase Awardand his photography has been published world-wide for over twenty years in numerous advertisements, annual reports and national magazines. COLORADO SKI!a coffee table book of David's ski photography was published in 1989 by Westcliffe Publishers.

If you'd like to order a copy of LIFE THROUGH THE EARHOLES OF OUR YOUTHplease e-mail your request to cost of the book is $29.95 plus $6.00 for shipping and handling. Colorado residents will be charged an additional 4.3% sales tax. This book ia an ideal gift for soccer moms and little league dads alike. All of the photographs in the book are available as stock for licensing.

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